Our Story

Each member of the Ava Protocol team brings extensive professional experience, contributing to our mission of advancing consumer-first decentralized automation.

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Ava Protocol Event Consensus 22
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Crypto-native & fintech innovators building the decentralized future.

​Our mission is to provide trustless, private, and composable automation for everyday users.

Our vision is to seamlessly integrate automation into Web3, invisibly enhancing every user interaction.

Meet Our Team

We bring diverse backgrounds together, embracing varied perspectives to build the decentralized future.

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Chris Li

Chris Li

Chief Executive Officer

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Sam Shev

Sam Shev

Head of Marketing

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Scott Staton

Scott Staton

Research & Content Lead

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen

System Architect

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Mint Juice

Mint Juice

Community Lead

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Charles Chen

Charles Chen

Senior Software Engineer

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Wei Lin

Wei Lin

Senior Software Engineer

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Linda Liang

Linda Liang

Project Manager

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Annie Zhang

Annie Zhang

UI&UX Designer

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Jay Lin

Jay Lin

Community Manager APAC

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Yiannis Varelas

Yiannis Varelas

Strategic Advisor

profile-picture-bg1profile-picture-bg2Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty

Operations Advisor

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