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Ava Protocol empowers private autonomous transactions for Ethereum and beyond

Key Features of Our Blockchain Technology

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Transactions autonomously execute based on predefined conditions, streamlining operations.

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced Privacy

Advanced MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) protection mechanisms ensure transaction confidentiality, safeguarding against front-running and privacy breaches.



Combine smart contract calls effortlessly without writing a single line of code.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Dramatically reduce transaction costs—experience up to 90% savings on gas fees, making blockchain use more accessible.

Solution Overview

Modular and Composable Technical Stack

Supercharge Your Apps with Automation

Optimize Your Asset Management

Visualize your money flow, set smart routing rules and control it all from one single, powerful platform.

Visualize and customize our strategies

Control the distribution of your finances across multiple accounts with a dynamic UI money map.

  • A bird's-eye view of all your finances
  • Balance updates & notifications

Seamlessly connect any smart contract

Continue working with your favorite DeFi, NFT, and gaming smart contracts. Seamlessly connect with your existing tools such as ENS, Ethereum Push Notification Service, oracles, and more.

Unmatched privacy and MEV protection

Keep your automation transactions private and safeguard against MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) exploitation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Ava Protocol is an event-driven EigenLayer AVS that enables seamless autonomous transactions for Ethereum and beyond. It empowers developers to improve crypto transactions with intelligent automation, enhanced privacy, effortless composability, and significant cost savings.

Ava Protocol enhances transaction privacy and security through advanced MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) protection mechanisms. This approach prevents external entities from intercepting or manipulating transactions, ensuring that transactions are confidential and shielded from front-running and other malicious activities.

Ava Protocol can significantly reduce transaction fees, saving users up to 90% on gas costs. This is achieved through advanced automation and optimization methods, such as off-chain computation, making crypto transactions more affordable and accessible for all users.

Ava Protocol supports both Ethereum and Polkadot, providing broad compatibility with existing applications and services. This enables developers to seamlessly integrate automation and advanced transaction functionalities across two of the most prominent blockchain ecosystems. Whether you're building on Ethereum or Polkadot, Ava Protocol's capabilities enhance your project's efficiency, privacy, and composability.

Yes, Ava Protocol is designed for seamless integration, making it easy to connect with your existing blockchain infrastructure and tools. It supports both EVM-compatible and Substrate-based chains, ensuring that projects can enhance their functionality without disrupting current systems.

Super-transactions are advanced smart contract automations powered by Ava Protocol. They provide one-click simplicity by combining multiple smart contract interactions into a single, seamless autonomous transaction flow. When predefined conditions like time, price, or events are met, they trigger the intended series of actions across contracts. By streamlining web3 automation, super-transactions empower developers to build rich, automated capabilities that were previously out of reach.

Ava Protocol's enhanced automation benefits developers, DeFi traders, gaming projects, NFT artists, real-world asset applications, and users of practically any web3 vertical. By empowering seamless automation through super-transactions, Ava Protocol opens up new possibilities and use cases across the web3 ecosystem.

You can start by trying our testnet. Visit to begin exploring the features and capabilities of Ava Protocol.

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